About us

Has Real Estate changed? You bet it has. Not only does it change year on year but it’s becoming much more obvious that buyers are coming from very different places than they did before. Online is king, Social Media plays a big part but what remains as the key to this game? We think it is people. In this day and age especially, people need to feel good about the transaction, not like just a number. With so much emphasis on speed and technology, we seem to have lost the moments that matter. It’s time we got them back. So let’s not just sell houses and move on to the next one, let’s make it memorable.


Our intent is clear, to not only be great at selling houses, but to live everyday with purpose. To be positive in our approach and give back to the community so we can all thrive. There’s more than enough work for every Real Estate Agent on the NW Coast and we know we aren’t going to be the Agency for everyone, nor should we be. We are creating a new choice for those looking to sell, and who knows… maybe it’s a different approach that the market needs.

is it too early to countdown to christmas?

We wouldn't be where we are without the help of others, so in the spirit of giving, these are the legends we support. Check them out.

If you are as moved as we were, then you know what do to!

Love Your Sister

Samuel Johnson has helped raise $10M for cancer research and is currently on a two year national tour seeking support for a push for personalised treatment for all cancer patients, no matter the cancer, or where the patient lives

St Pauls
Hope at St Pauls Kitchen

St Pauls Kitchen helps those who are doing it tough, by providing a free meal every Tuesday afternoon/evening.

MS Australia

MS Australia is the national voice for people with multiple sclerosis. We work in advocacy and communications, and collaborate with our stakeholders to benefit thousands of people affected by MS across the country. We work closely with MS Research Australia, who fund research into better detection, treatments and a cure. We also advocate and communicate on behalf of all our state member organisations who work tirelessly providing services, programs and support to the MS community.

Tim Blair Run for Kids Foundation

The Tim Blair Run for Kids Foundation traces its origins back to 1994, when after a diagnosis of epilepsy, Tim began running to become fitter and healthier. As with so many others, his love for running grew and he began to run in fun runs and other events aiming to raise money for charities.


Creating a space that provokes connection, experiences and love - aspiring to create a community of strong, ambitious and inspiring women.

Choose Life Services

Choose Life Services (CLS) is a non profit, privately funded non-government community service seeking to offer hope specifically to those struggling with life issues that may lead to suicidal thoughts and behaviours and to those who are impacted by suicide. CLS is a community response to a community issue.