James Leslie

Director, Connoisseur of fine business socks.

James started HUDSON365 in January 2019.

At that point he could see that there was a gap in the Real Estate industry. A need for something different in the market. A change. What was created is an agency that doesn’t act or talk like any other. Experienced in the high-stakes real estate game and with a forward thinking approach, he’s attempting to push the boundaries through a tailored campaign for each individual property.

“No matter how much tech we have in the world, we still need to ensure that there’s a personal feel to each deal. It’s us genuinely wanting the best for the people that we are working for.” After all that he’s a self confessed perfectionist, a family man, a lover of Coco-Pops and a nerd with spreadsheets. What a combo.

Annouka Barr

Executive Assistant, Table Tennis wizard.

Annouka is different. And we aren’t talking about ‘weird’ different, just not your typical real estate superstar. She’s clinical, yet personable and an extremely safe pair of hands to see you through the process.

With a level of efficiency that we think is unrivalled, ‘Nouk’ is the perfect mix of fun and professionalism that suits the H365 clientele beautifully.

If you ever need to get on her good side, she’ll take a filter coffee with a dash of milk or a nice chilled Pinot Grigio. How fancy.

Simone Leslie

Creative Director, Green Thumb.

Simone. How does she put up with James? We don’t know either. She has been an integral part of the unique marketing direction that Hudson365 has taken.


A creative mind that thinks about maintaining a sense of style in everything that’s done, even the small stuff. Simone’s voice is that one that chimes in just at the right time, and with a clear motive to keep us at the highest level possible.


There’s one big problem with Simone that’s not often talked about. Her obsession with plants. From Day 1 there was a lot of greenery introduced into the office. James has tried to stop it… he failed.

Hudson Leslie

CEO, Colouring in specialist.

The face behind the name. Hudson. This kid inspires us to make better decisions, to create a legacy that he will be proud of and to chase happiness over all else.


In his spare time he likes to skateboard, read books about space and collect foxes (the soft toy kind, not the real ones that aren’t allowed in Tasmania). He also has set firm instructions that the office fridge always has an unlimited supply of fruit boxes. Sounds like a hard taskmaster.