Day 508 | TAG, you’re it.

Brilliant way to start a Friday rocking up to see the building with some fancy new artwork. Some of us are excited to get back to work, others are pumped to hit up office buildings with spray cans under the cover of darkness. Each to their own.

It was a few buildings that got some nice graffiti colour, not just us but everyone from the shops seem to be just cool about it. Nobody is really all that fussed, it’s a little bit of time to clean and a funny story to tell. A big thanks to @simoneleslie2013 for helping me with the cleanup. We’re both going to smell like turps for a week!

@tas.police were awesome and I’m pretty sure they might be back for a table tennis tournament at some stage.

I think we still might leave the graffiti to the paid expert that did our boardroom masterpiece, Patrick (@50shadesofchrome). He could even give these guys a few tips!