Day 497 | Mother’s Day is a Scam

That got your attention didn’t it. A day that starts with breakfast in bed, home made gifts and more flowers than a florist. A day that celebrates mums for being those brilliant loving creatures that they are. So why don’t I think it makes sense? Well, hear me out.

It’s not that I don’t love the day itself, it’s more about the logic that we celebrate mums for only one day. If isolation and working from home has taught me anything, it’s that mothers are the glue that hold most of us together. Simone has done a ripping job and while I’ve done ok too, it’s pretty evident who Hudson goes to 95% of the time. For anything and everything.

Even though we’ve had distance, my own mum has been rock solid with support and check ins regularly. My only hope is that when Hudson is 38, his bond with his mum is the same as the relationship I have with mine now. She’s an amazing lady.

So, I propose…. let every day of the year be like a Mother’s Day. Spoil them as often as we can, not just for 24hours. Deal?