Day 489 | Influential Music, Pushups and Decks

Are we all having fun yet? It’s been weird hey. But something has been kinda cool…

Watching my social media being lit up by great music albums from our childhoods, wonderful people doing push-ups for a cause and all those home Reno’s have brought some beautiful positivity to these times.

I’ve been lucky to be able to do some study, hang with the fam, smash jobs around the house that we’ve talked about for years and lately, sorting through my old basketball card collection and getting it ready to hand over to a kid that is obsessed with Space Jam and Michael Jordan. All this while we watch the market and make the best calls we can for those people that we work for. Oh and staining my deck…. by hand…. with a brush only. Cause it was therapeutic, and I’m an idiot.

In the last couple of days I’ve been on the treadmill starting my 50kms for MS and love that there are so many awesome folks out there flying the flag for things they care about.

Keep it up you glorious humans. Keep it up.