Day 444 | Diamonds

It’s rough right now hey? Feels like the whole world has stopped still.

I pick my sister up on Tuesday and Thursday each week and take her to work. Today, she had made lunch for me and the reason was beautiful. She just thought I ‘needed it’. She was right. I did.

This post is nothing more than a message to everyone from my family to yours….

Please look after each other. Everyone is going to experience different levels of impact to their lives and some people will really struggle with that.

So let’s check in with loved ones, FaceTime when you can, consider those people out there that need our support and if you are personally having a hard time, I urge you to pick up the phone to someone you know you can talk to.

One of the best blokes I know said this to me today, “pressure makes diamonds pal”. I hope that we all have the ability to adapt, to shift and to ask for help when we need to.

That’s enough from me, I’m off to tuck my boy into bed, turn on the footy and switch off the head for a couple of hours. Take care out there. Xx