Day 436 | The not-so-great Escape

You’ve all heard those buzz words ‘Team Building’. Lots of people talk about the fact that a happy team means a more productive office, better results, more profits blah blah blah. Truth be told it does make a difference to the numbers but shouldn’t it just be about creating an enjoyable workplace to go to everyday?

Not being part of a Franchise or Agency Group means that we don’t get regular training invitations or quarterly gatherings to pat each other on the back about our ‘awards’. So when advertised the PROP20 event in Melbourne, we were quick to jump on board. And it was worth it. Great speakers, motivating content and even the token loud American presenter that makes you laugh and hypes everyone up for when they get back to the office.

The best part was that Nouk and I got to spend time with our partners away from the normal pressures of day to day life. We managed to almost get out of an Escape Room as a team (so bloody close!), played arcade games like we were kids, had a great dinner and a few sneaky bevs. I can’t speak for the other guys, but I really enjoyed it. Makes you realise that we need that little recharge from time to time, and its always better with awesome company. Thanks legends, bring on the next trip!