Day 427 | Cause I’m freeeee, free fallin…

Admit it, you just sang that right?

This weekend just gone, I jumped out of a perfectly good plane. And it was the coolest.

At first when your family gives you a gift for 12months in business that involves falling through the sky it can make you wonder why they chose that for you. Not socks, not a mug, not a bucket of kfc, but a skydive. I’m sure it was given with love… I hope it was.

For anyone that hasn’t done it before, the first roll out the door of the plane was insane. I’m not sure my mind could actually understand the situation as we tumbled out and then levelled out to free fall through the clouds over Wynyard airport. It was a genuine rush and a feeling like someone just hit the Reset button on your brain. The rest of the day my face was sore from smiling! The nerves didn’t really hit until that side door of the plane flung open and it was time to go (helps when the instructor has 9,500 jumps under his belt too).

So a big thank you to my mother (Louise Leslie) , sister (Emma Leslie) and wife (Simone Leslie) for combining to give me an experience that is truly memorable to mark a year as ‘Hudson365’. If you’ve ever thought about it, I recommend you make the call and tick it off the list.

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