Day 422 | Soy Latte anyone?

There’s a common theme that’s been around for the last 12months or so since we opened. For a long time our office was referred to as ‘that new coffee shop in the Fourways that never opens’. According to a few of our lovely older generation that walk past, Hudson’s coffee had gone ‘very fancy’.

The lack of properties in the window and no sign of the words ‘Real Estate’ to be found on the building means that some people have no clue what we are. And to be honest, that’s completely cool with us. Our office is for clients to feel like they can talk to us uninterrupted and for Annouka and I to smash into our work with minimal distractions.

The new one I’ve heard is that we must be architects. People look in the windows and see a boardroom with a huge graffiti lion (50shadesofchrome), a beautiful custom concrete counter (Tas Coastal Concreting) and some pretty awesome timber work (Shaun Murfet) and put it together that we are somewhat sharp in the design area…. we’ll take it as a massive compliment.

We had a vision to look a little different, to sell a little differently and just generally break the stereotypical real estate mould. Heading in the right direction I’d say.