Day 415 | Would you like extra cheese?

Today I got told I was going ‘cheesy’. It wasn’t meant to be offensive and I didn’t take it that way, but it’s an interesting point that they made.

Our branding strategy from the start was to look different and be easily identified. As simple as people saying “Ah, that looks like a Hudson365 property”. The brand was meant to display some individuality and a part of that was doing videos for as many properties as we can.

You may have noticed in our videos and on our Instagram stories, we often include dogs in the marketing. We don’t bring in random ‘actor’ dogs but sometimes we make good use of the owners pets. The question is why do we do that…

The answer is an easy one. We don’t need to make these places look like something they aren’t. A lot of the time they are family friendly homes and we want people to know that. We are in the business of selling practicality as much as anything else and if your dog is cared about as much as these pooches then it’s nice to see a visual of what it’s like for them too.

We aren’t trying to be cheesy, or be known as the people that put animals in videos about houses. We are trying to sell the idea of what it’s like to live there, and we hope your pets love the place as much as you do.