Day 377 | Do you even lift Bro?

It’s pretty obvious by the size of me that I’m always at the gym smashing the bench press flat out. Well, maybe not. I hang out at the gym a bit (even when we are away on holidays) and Hudson loves sneaking down for a quick workout with me. Kid has unlimited energy.

I do enjoy a good session and twice a week I get to catch up with my trainer @anthonycrowden22 (@muscle_up_hp) and try and build a bit more of a fitness base. I’m never going be Arnold Schwarzenegger or squat 300kg but the intention behind it is much more than being able to show off some massive guns in a muscle top.

I still remember when coaching guru @jared_wiseman told me about the link between your physical health and your business performance. It’s a thing. And while I could’ve just continued a cycle of working myself to exhaustion without a break and repeat, there’s a better way.

Find some time to take care of yourself. By doing it, you’ll also be taking care of those around you better and maybe even get a 4-pack (a 6-pack seems unrealistic for me).