Day 344 | Why so serious?

I’ve seen a heap of stories lately online about office environments. You spend so much time there but sometimes they can be depressing, soulless spaces. And while we are no google (and we don’t have their budget!) we wanted to make sure that the office felt like a nice space to be in.

We stop at least once a day and play table tennis. We talk over deals, discuss upcoming properties, strategise about existing stock and sometimes just talk rubbish about what’s going on in the world. The best part is we always laugh while it’s going on. For that 10minutes we get competitive, joke about each other’s coordination and try to land the most impossible shots.

The purpose of the table wasn’t for any other reason than to show that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We aren’t curing cancer, we aren’t solving world hunger, we are selling houses. And while we take our job for our clients super seriously, we don’t think that the sun shines out of our… eyes, yes our eyes.

The wonderful folk at @sgroupofficial took this pic while we were messing around getting shots of the office. I didn’t know they took it until I got the proofs back. Pretty much sums up our business in one image.