Day 337 | The kid hit me for six…

Today the coolest dude on the planet turned 6. After he headed off to school excited to hang out with all his mates, I made the trip to the office as normal. I’m not embarrassed to say that I sat in the car before I went in and had a little tear. I didn’t ball my eyes out for ten minutes or need a full box of tissues but I was really happy to the point where my eyes leaked. All because of the way he handled himself this morning.

When we sat and opened a few presents at 7am, Hudson stopped after opening each individual gift and said thank you to both of us and also gave us a hug. After every single one. They were genuine hugs. He’s the most respectful, grateful little dude. Makes a parent proud.

These miniature people really are the biggest responsibility we have. To give them love, and ensure they have the best start possible. To celebrate with them, to pick up the pieces every now and again and most of all to be the people they trust the most in the world.

Happy Birthday HJ. I love you.