Day 331 | Who let them out?

November 27th is a special day. Today is the 2nd birthday of our golden retriever, Ella. The ‘H365 Company Dog’ was a gift from Hudson and I to Simone early 2018 after years and years of her begging and pleading for a canine buddy. I finally gave in (under duress) and the fun started.

Ella was pumped to get her new Elephant toy from us to celebrate and proceeded to cut laps of the backyard until she was tired enough that we could put her special birthday hat on without too much fuss! While she’s still got a load of puppy phase still to live out, she’s got a beautiful nature and treats Hudson like he’s the only thing in her world.

I read something lately that made me think about how amazing these creatures are. Loyal to a fault, happy to see you no matter what the circumstance, and a love that is genuinely unconditional. There was a quote in the story that said:

‘Talk to your dogs. While they may not understand the words, they simply love the sound of your voice and the fact that they matter to you.’

So it’s a big happy birthday to the always goofy, water-loving, sock-eating menace that rules over our backyard (and every inch of inside the house too). Now to get her to stop digging holes to China.