Day 322 | Balls. 2 of them.

I got you at balls didn’t I. Admit it. Well, this one is about more than just balls but they are important.

We had a sale go through last week. We have usually a sale go through most weeks. And usually you would think that a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates would be the norm for the buyers and sellers, and sometimes that’s what we do. But lately, we’ve tried to mix it up with things that might be a little more personal.

This one on Friday was cool. A family moving into their new home. Two young brothers that had a backyard, and mum and dad that had a great deck to watch them from. We had the parents covered with beverages to celebrate but the boys might not have appreciated the craft beers and champagne as much.

We left those lads a soccer ball, a football and some passes to the pool (just down the road) as a small gift to make sure they felt like part of it. The report back was that mum and dad were thankful that we thought of them. Something so simple but made them feel included in what was a huge deal for the whole family.

Today I heard that balls have been kicked over neighbours fences a heap over the last few days and that has resulted in meeting the families around them. Seems kinda like a good icebreaker into the area hey. No broken windows (yet!) but after only 3 days, those kids feel like they are home already. Exactly how they should feel.