Day 302 | The Driveway

The moments that stick with you. Tonight will be one of them.

House sales can be hard. Our clients that are selling are mostly rushed, sometimes under pressure and can even just be plain exhausted after moving out, cleaning and getting the place ready for handover. It can make for a difficult few days leading into a settlement.

Tonight I went to grab keys from this guy, Jesse. His house gets handed over to the new buyers tomorrow. We were lucky enough to sell for him and he’s been a jet the whole way through the process. He’s left his place in better condition than it’s ever been since brand new, and the freshly painted walls along with spotless cleaning job is above and beyond what we would expect.

When I turned up, he was in the driveway with a beer waiting for me. We sat there on the concrete for an hour and talked about getting ahead in life by not just worrying about money, but being considerate about what you leave behind you. He wanted the house to feel like a new adventure for the people coming in, not a reason to spend 3 days cleaning or fixing holes in walls where his pictures used to be. He’s wise, well beyond his age.

This is the reason I love my job. You get to deal with some genuinely cool people. People that care about others, and people that make the time to say thank you (even though we should be the ones thanking them). And the best part is that now I owe him a beer, and that’s an excuse to catch up again.