Day 295 | Jump Around…

It’s been a hectic few weeks. After the dust settled on our charity gig and the increased spring real estate action comes into play, I almost didn’t stop to take a breath.

I’ve always thought that by working super hard and ‘setting an example’ I was giving Hudson the best start to his life. Showing him how much you can push yourself for others, and making sure they know that they are your number one priority. But that means sometimes sacrificing time with them to do that.

It’s when you actually take the time to stop and just be present, that you realise how little that ‘example’ means if you aren’t around to share the journey with them (Yup I said ‘journey’ like I’m on a reality tv show).

This picture was taken on one of those days when I diverted my phone and became fully engaged in making his day the best that it could be. The three of us ate hotdogs, jumped on trampolines, played video games, went swimming, told each other jokes, smashed a bunch of lollies and just had bloody good fun for 12hours. It was the best.

While I’m not sure I’ll ever get the balance right, I’m starting to realise that quality time is the key.

We all get time poor, but just ensure that the people you love get to see your face every once in a while. It really makes them happy…. and it definitely makes you happy too.