Day 268 | Can I have some assistance please?

Word on the street is that there’s a little bit of assistant trashing going on around the place. A tiny bit of mud slinging at some of the best organisers in real estate. Well, let me tell you a story…

This superstar as most would know is my ‘Executive Assistant’ Annouka. Nouk has been with me for years and somehow manages to not only systematically run things behind the scenes, but does it without fanfare. She quietly does her job (really bloody well) and goes home to do it all again the next day at 110%.

I’d most likely be out of real estate if it wasn’t for having a ‘Nouk’ around. Lord knows Simone would’ve divorced me if I was attempting to do this on my own, because she knows I already struggle with the balance of wanting to do too much. I’d be just plain obnoxious trying to do it solo.

So, instead of treating assistants like they are below agents, let’s talk about how a lot of agents could really benefit with help from someone even half as talented as the brilliant assistants that are out there. They make us better, and we are lucky to have them stick beside us even though they could probably do our job standing on their heads.

And just to confirm, Annouka is staying with us… forever. It’s in her contract. She should’ve read the fine print.

Ps – Happy Birthday for Sunday Nouk!!